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Diesel generator exhaust black smoke not crankshaft failure
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:cylinder

Diesel generator

diesel generator scuffing failure of precursory characteristics: serious smoke exhaust and stalling, can't turn the crankshaft. Working at this time can't start the diesel engine, but should find out the reason and exclusion.


1) in the early detection of cylinder shall, first of all, oil cylinder oil injection rate. Such as overheating phenomenon has not changed, can adopt single cylinder cut-out, to reduce the speed, speed up the piston cooling measures, such as until eliminate overheat.

2) when found cylinder, must reduce the speed quickly, and then stop. Continue to increase piston cooling, at the same time for turning.

3) piston killed as a result of not turning, to stay in the piston cooling after a period of time, barring any activity.

4) when the situation of the piston bite dead serious, but to the injection of kerosene in the cylinder, after waiting for piston cooling leverages the flywheel or turning.

5) when lifting cylinder inspection, piston and cylinder liner should be traces on the surface of a cylinder with oil stone grind carefully. The damaged piston ring must be replaced. If the piston and cylinder liner was badly damaged and should be replaced.

6) piston refitted, must carefully check the oil hole on cylinder oil is normal. If piston and cylinder liner are new, it should be after refitted to get up to speed, the running-in should begin to gradually add load and continuous operation under low load.

7) such as cylinder cannot repair or do not allow the generator maintenance, accident can take seal cylinder method to continue running.

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