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Basic knowledge about diesel generator
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:pressure

The working processgenerator of diesel engine is the same as gasoline engine, each work cycle also experience intake, compression, power, and exhaust four stroke. But as a result of diesel engine, its viscosity than gasoline, it is not easy to evaporate, gasoline and spontaneous combustion temperature are relatively low, so the formation of combustible mixture and gasoline engine ignition way is different.

Common rail injection of high-pressure pump fuel injection system of public supply pipe, syringes, electronic control unit (ECU) and some line pressure sensors, each of the injector system by high-pressure tubing and public supply pipe connection, the public oil supply pipeline of the hydraulic accumulator pressure injector. Work, high pressure oil pump and high pressure fuel oil supply pipes, high pressure oil pump, pressure sensors and closed loop composed of ECU, realize accurate control public supply pipe of oil pressure, completely changed the oil pressure and engine speed different phenomena. Main function has the following three aspects:

1, injection timing and fuel metering completely independent, injection pressure and injection time by the ECU control process.

2, adjust each cylinder according to the working condition of engine fuel injection pressure, time, duration and fuel to the optimal control.

3 and realize the fuel injection pressure is very high, and can realize injection diesel engine.

Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine fuel consumption rate is low (on average 30% lower than gasoline engine), and diesel prices low, so the better fuel economy; And the speed of the diesel engine is lower than gasoline engine torque than gasoline engines, but its quality, the working noise, manufacture and maintenance costs high emissions at the same time very poor than gasoline engines.

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