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Why the turbocharger will appear early damage
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When the generator diesel generatorof the turbocharger is damaged, after we change new turbocharger, check the various parts of the engine oil pressure is normal, but when generators around 30 min, the turbocharger turbine shell became quite red. Generator turbine shell material is cast iron, however, if the diesel engine is normal exhaust, so the turbine shell won't appear aglow phenomenon.

Therefore, we determine the diesel engine exhaust temperature is too high, exhaust temperature is too high. What do we make such a judgment based on is? The first diesel engine exhaust doors closed lax; Second, the fuel delivery advance Angle too late; Finally, over load operation of diesel engine.

So, we found that the diesel generating set is not under the condition of overload operation, check valve clearance within the prescribed scope, finally found diesel generator fuel supply advance Angle too late to adjust the fuel delivery advance Angle, without fault phenomenon.

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