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Diesel generator fuel consumption
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Gasoline engine hasgenerator price

the advantage of the utility model has the advantage that small volume, light weight, cheap, good start, the most high power high speed; Small vibration and noise work, speed and speed higher than that of diesel engines, in passenger vehicles, especially cars, petrol engine has been widely used. But the biggest disadvantage compared with diesel engine, the gasoline engine fuel consumption per hundred kilometers high, equivalent displacement is about 2 to 3 liters. The working principle of diesel engine differs from that of gasoline engine. A mixture of diesel engine piston compressor cylinder, fuel and air), the combustion is completed. Gasoline engine is mixed gas (air and fuel into the cylinder, relying on the spark ignition to complete its work. Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has no ignition system, the structure is relatively simple, relatively high and the reliability of the machine. Compared with gasoline vehicles, diesel vehicles with high energy efficiency, is the power of we usually said, climbing ability; Low-speed diesel engine cylinder combustion temperature is relatively low, mechanical wear and tear is relatively small; Diesel vehicles high voltage ignition system is not complicated, so the engine failure rate is relatively small.

Traditional large diesel engine, a lot of noise, vibration, this is from the old truck will reflect the black smoke, spit and modern diesel engine has been fundamentally changed. At the same time continue to maintain the fuel intensity, the characteristics of the province, and the amount of volume, vibration and noise control. In fact, many foreign brands of cars, including luxury car petrol engine and diesel engine for the user to choose from. The owner individual diesel fuel savings is a very attractive. In addition to fuel, diesel engines, compared to gasoline engine torque is big, speed is very low. At the same time, the engine speed is far lower than the gasoline engine, the failure rate is much smaller, thus saving the maintenance cost. SDI diesel TDI and is the result of different two technologies. TDI means the direct injection of turbine, SDI means gas injection.

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