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Piston pin test
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(1) the piston pin abrasion test

Piston pin abrasion generatortest, usually with outside micrometer measure from three parts. In every part measured the difference of any two mutually vertical diameter values, is the ovality of the piston pin. According to the annotation in the figure, from 1, 2, 3, measured as the difference of maximum and minimum diameter of the piston pin conicity. In general, diesel engine piston pin ovality and conicity is not greater than d / 1500 (d is the diameter of the piston pin).

(2) piston pin other operating test

Piston pin surface scratch, carburized layer peeling off and surface crack test, usually with the naked eye can see. For small cracks with the naked eye is hard to find, can use a magnifying glass or magnetic detector for inspection. If the inside of the piston pin tiny crack appeared the testers, is likely to cause serious accidents.

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