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Diesel generator cooling device
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:cooling

Diesel engine as diesel generator pricecombustion produces high temperature operation, ensure the heating diesel engine parts and turbocharger shell part is not affected by high temperature, and ensure the work surface lubrication, cooling heating part. Diesel engine parts, poor cooling when the temperature is too high, will cause some trouble. Diesel engine parts can not excessive cooling, machine temperature is too low will lead to adverse consequences. Therefore, the purpose of the cooling system is a part of part of heat by heat, it helps to maintain normal working temperature. There are two kinds of the cooling system of diesel engine water cooling and air cooling. Water cooling method is to use cooling air cylinder, air cooling for cooling cylinder method. Water cooling unit in a closed circulating water cooling device, the cooling water tank, water pump, diesel engine cooling chamber, and return to the radiator, radiator cooling fan unit, another open cycle cooling system. In high-rise buildings, generally should choose the closed water circulation cooling device, the unit area and the space is very small

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