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The structure of the valve
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:valve

1, the valve inlet valve and exhaust valve. The function of the valve is sealed chamber, and make the cylinder of diesel engine gets normal ventilation.

2, the valve working conditions and materials

In the working process of the combustion chamber, inlet valve and the exhaust temperature has great difference. When working in the diesel engine at full capacity, the temperature of the inlet valve generally at about 350 ℃, the temperature of the exhaust valve up to 800 ℃. They choose the material in manufacturing is different also, inlet valve generally made of chromium alloy steel, the exhaust valve general selection of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance is strong silicon chromium alloy steel.

3, the structure of the valve

Valve is mainly composed of the head and stem. The switch of valve head are flat, convex and concave head, currently use more is flat, mainly because the flat valve head shape is simple, manufacture diploma, heating area is small.

In order to improve the air inflow of diesel engine combustion chamber, inlet valve head generally do better than the exhaust valve, because of increasing the inlet valve can reduce air intake resistance, increase the volume, the more effective than the exhaust valve decreases exhaust resistance. Valve seal cone Angle is different, the inlet valve generally USES 30 degree Angle, the exhaust valve generally USES 45 degrees of bevel. Inlet valve cone with 30 degree Angle, mainly because of the smaller cone Angle can make the air flow through the cross section of the flow rate increased.

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