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The classification of the diesel engine exhaust gas recirculation system
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diesel engine using EGR system is similar to gasoline engine, because there is enough pressure difference between inlet and exhaust, EGR control easier. But in the EGR backflow gas particles may cause the cylinder piston group and inlet valve wear and tear, to reduce this effect, the first thing to reduce particulate emissions as much as you can.

In supercharged diesel engine, the recycling of waste gas in general in a inlet pipe directly after introducing the supercharger.

Is on a turbocharged inter-cooled diesel according to different EGR external circuit, the EGR system can be divided into low voltage circuit connection method and the high pressure loop connection method two kinds.

Low voltage circuit connection method, is used outside tube will export and exhaust gas turbocharger turbine compressor inlet connected, and on the way back to add an EGR valve, used to control EGR flow. Due to easy access to an appropriate pressure difference, this method are easy to implement in large diesel engine speed range. However, due to exhaust gas flows through the turbocharger compressor and turbocharged inter-cooled, easily leading to the corrosion of the supercharger and inter-cooled stained, reduce diesel engine reliability and life expectancy.

High voltage circuit connection method, it is the entrance of the turbine and compressor exit with the method of the outer tube connected. Due to the discharge of waste gas without compressor and cold, so to avoid the above problems. But in large, medium load of diesel engine, compressor outlet pressure (supercharging pressure) is higher than the exhaust turbine inlet pressure, reverse pressure errand EGR is difficult to achieve. In order to increase the scope of the EGR realize people took a variety of ways. Such as throttle valve inlet throttling to exhaust pressure higher than the inlet pressure, set up in the air intake system of a venturi to ensure that the required pressure difference when the heavy load, and using EGR pump to enforce.

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