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Starter does not rotate judgment method
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:electromagnetic

according to the diesel engine 10kw diesel generator pricestarting step close the grounding switch, open the electric lock, press the start button. If starter does not rotate, generally speaking, there are two things: one is the action of electromagnetic switch and can be heard the noise, but the starter does not rotate; Another is the electromagnetic switch not suck, don't turn the starter motor. The former may be caused by a lack of battery power, starting line fault caused by poor contact or starter itself. The latter in addition to the above factors, may also with the starting switch circuit, electromagnetic switch or dc motor fault. Inspection methods are as follows:

1 check the battery terminal,

generator prices pakistanstarting line and dc motor brush, and electromagnetic switch parts when starting diesel engine, such as smoking, abnormal phenomenon such as fever and abnormal noise. If there is abnormal phenomenon, should review the working condition of the part. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, should further examination.

2 check starting insurance. If the fuse is not damage, want to continue to check. Note: between with two pieces of battery starting of diesel engine, starting the insurance of the specifications of the general is 60 a

3 check the joint part of the starting line, such as battery terminal, terminal electromagnetic switch and starting switch terminal, etc.

4 dc voltage with a multimeter block check the battery voltage drop before and after the starting of diesel engine. If measured single block before the starting voltage is less than 12.5 V, shows the battery power is insufficient; If the measured voltage is greater than 12.5 V, and at the time of starting voltage fell by more than 1.5 V, that battery saving electricity shortage; If the voltage drop is small, the electromagnetic switch or dc motor has a fault, should continue to check.

5 to check whether there is a fault starting circuit. Method is to use medium with a screwdriver to electromagnetic switch terminal short circuit the battery terminal and switch. If the short circuit electromagnetic starter switch off and operating normally, after that have trouble electromagnetic switch outside of the starting line, such as starting the key switch or starting button poor contact, poor contact line joints, etc. If still not absorb electromagnetic switch, after short circuit, explain the electromagnetic starter switch or internal may have open circuit fault, etc.

6 with a screwdriver terminal short circuit the battery terminal and magnetic field. If the starter function, explain electromagnetic switch internal fault, should remove the electromagnetic switch after decomposition, to check the activity within the electromagnetic switch contacts and two static contact loss and magnetic coil is burning, etc. If the starter is still not working and no spark when short circuit, explain the starter circuit fault occurs. If there are sparks appear, explain starter internal short circuit occurs, starter should be removed after repair.

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