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The main reason for the changes affect the service life of the engine are
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:temperature

Using natural gasgenerator as a fuel ratio using the heat generated by the gasoline engine is about twice as much, and the resulting temperature, of course, is much higher than gasoline. In high temperature service life of the engine, of course, is no exception. Of course, the problem can be solved completely. As long as these 3 points can not affect the service life of the engine, and prolong service life.

Using a high level of engine lubricating oil: engine temperature is high, ordinary or the original automobile lubricating oil in the environment of high temperature performance is not ideal, so no lubrication effect, thus affecting the engine life. A high level of engine oil, it is not affected by high temperature, which can be used to lubricate engine, to prolong service life. Use a good lubricant also pay attention to the change in time, timely maintenance vehicles. (for example, using shell's yellow fat, only a stamp, 150), regular inspection and maintenance of the cooling water system for engine (if it is water), to ensure normal work.

Mainly depends on the engine cooling water circulation cooling system. This system can directly affect the working life of the engine, especially the high temperature of natural gas engine is more demanding, must often check the maintenance. Natural gas instead of special ignition system, and regularly check (using natural gas and other special spark plug part) because of the high gas twice than petrol ignites. That is lit gas demand greater ignition energy, the temperature of the ignition energy production is very high, so the gas ignition system can not only the necessity of high temperature resistance and strong ignition.

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