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The structure of the rocker arm assembly and maintenance
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:rocker

the rocker arm 1200kva generatorassembly is using leverage to push rod upward thrust into pressure on the valve. Into the valve rocker arm and the exhaust rocker, rocker arm points they by means of the rocker arm shaft installed on the rocker rocker base on opposite sides of the seat. On both ends of bearing radial center hole with bronze or powder metallurgy bearing bushing with rocker arm shaft and can free rotation. Rocker arm with a stud on the cylinder cover. Rocker arm contact with the push rod part of the adjusting screw and lock nut, turn the adjusting screw can adjust the valve clearance, with a lock nut after the adjustment, in order to prevent the adjusting screw loose phenomenon occurring in the work.

rocker arm assembly is liable to occur in the process of diesel engine rotation for a long time of fault is the rocker arm shaft and rocker arm bushing wear. When they wear gap between more than 0.25 mm, usually to replace rocker arm bushings. Under normal circumstances, their assembly gap is about 0.06 mm.

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