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Operation and use of natural gas generator set
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Prepare one, run before

1, check sient diesel generatorthe oil and water separator gas pressure gauge, in order to have enough gas pressure air pressure for gas supply capacity of the unit.

2, open the drain valve, drain and oil separator separation, ensure the normal operation of the gas turbine.

3, check the ignition system of natural gas generator is normal.

4, check the switch, button, flexible operation, contact is good.

5, check electrical components installed, lights, instrument is normal, and so on.

6, check the connection parts and pipe joints are in good condition.

7, check the cooling pump, add antifreeze and fan belt tension.

8, check the lubrication pump, add oil.

9, began to check the pump, the connection is good.

Two, start

1, the advanced oil supplies, the main oil oil pressure is greater than or equal to 98 kpa (manual or electric)

2, according to the hydraulic automatic stop treatment, the fork and blockade.

3, open the power button, or on foot switch connected to the power.

4, press the button, the gas turbine start, remember, gas ignition start immediately after release the start button, otherwise it will burn out motor.

5, start the motor working time is less than 5 seconds, if at first you don't succeed, should be after a period of time interval, and then restart.

6, after the success of the venture, disconnect the "switch" units of 600-800 RPM warming machine transportation.

Three, run,

1, air transport machine, until the oil temperature, warming water temperature is above 40 degrees.

2 should be paid attention to, warm machine pressure, temperature, cooling system, lubricating system, whether there is a leak, observe whether normal cigarettes.

3, unit load should be gradually increases, not sudden load.

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