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The meaning of the generator type each letter represents
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if you want generator supplierto buy generator, have to know the meaning of generator type each letter represents, is very important for everyone.

1, the output rated power (KW), numerically.

2, on behalf of the ac output voltage type G power frequency; P represents the communication medium frequency; S on behalf of the dual-frequency communication; Z on behalf of the dc.

3, type of generating unit; F on behalf of the land use; FC on behalf of the ship; Q represents car use; T on behalf of the trailer.

4, control characteristic, lack for manual (ordinary) unit; Z representative automation unit; S on behalf of the low noise generator; SZ on behalf of the low noise automation units.

5, design the serial number, numerically.

6, variant code, numerically.

7, environmental characteristics, lack of normal; TH on behalf of the syndrome.

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