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The advantages of the gas generator
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:generating

Huaquan generating sets MTU generatorin addition to specializing in the production of diesel generating set, also produce gas generator set, compared with diesel generating sets, gas generating set with power output range, up and running, reliable and power generation are of good quality, light weight, small volume, simple maintenance, the advantages of low frequency noise, induces has the following four advantages:

First, gas generating set operation cost is low. New energy, waste and environmental clean emissions more and be the first choice of the products.

Second, the gas generator set start performance is good, start-up success rate high. From after the success of the cold start to full load time only for 30 seconds, and the actual regulations diesel generator load 3 minutes after a successful start. Gas generator set can be any guarantee start the success rate of environmental temperature and climate.

Thrid, little vibration, gas generating set of low noise. Because of high-speed rotating gas turbine, its vibration is very small, and low frequency & have spent Noise is better than that of diesel generator set.

Four, the combustible gas generator gas is clean, cheap energy, such as: oil field associated gas, methane gas, straw gas, methane, etc., in which the fuel generating set not only reliable operation, low cost, and can turn, won't produce pollution.

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