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Weichai crankshaft "outside running round" how to solve
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:bearing

Often heard generator 900kva pricewhen repair the car engine crankshaft weifang "outside running round", "outside running round" is actually the crankshaft bearing loose caused by the widening is bearing hole of the crankshaft bearings, cylindrical bearings with crankshaft crankshaft, how should we solve this problem? Below small make up to introduce two methods for you.

1, weifang crankshaft bearing "outside running round" is mostly the crankshaft bearing is wear. Mild bearing wear, can give bearing seat around daub is on a small amount of AB glue, bonding between cylindrical bearings and bearing seat.

2, electroplating method is used to eliminate "outside running round" bearing fault.With the two with the same iron bearing outside diameter, middle place a phi 6 mm holes, the ball bearing blocks with plate and screw in case of bearing ball of the electroplating, plating electroplating factory will cylindrical bearing copper plating. Bearing the electroplating, bearing cylindrical plating thickness of o. 14 mm. Plating bearings cylindrical method, to repair the crankcase bearing severe wear of fault is very effective, and the plating bearing outer circle method to repair the two-stroke engine, its biggest characteristic is the crankshaft installation precision, long service life.

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