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The principle and application of the alternator
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Water cooled generator generator priceusing water instead of cooling fan. Main alternator stator, heating part and is a key part of the cooling part of the ac generator stator winding. Cover and generator after end cover aluminum material, and water channels provide slots. Synthetic resin sealing and fixed stator coil winding, aluminum panel and channel isolation between the stator and rotor. Channel to convey water inlet pipe and outlet pipe, the water inlet pipe and outlet pipe and engine cooling water system, respectively. So when the engine is running, the engine cooling water circulating pump, driven by the generator shell can effectively cooling stator coil winding, the stator iron core, cooling the rotor at the same time, regulators and other bearing heat generating components in Tibet. Water type ac generator and air cooled alternator, internal structure is complex, the leak sealing demand increases, the cost will increase. At the same time due to the problem of connecting pipe, the installation layout has also been a lot of restrictions, reduced degree of freedom. However, power generation and water cooled alternator low noise performance is better than wind turbine cooling. Greatly due to water cooled alternator stator, rotor and the rise of temperature of the adjusting device can increase the excitation current, field current larger output voltage is higher, so when the water cooled alternator charging rotation will have a good performance at low speed, this kind of charge performance at low speed motor city normal use is very important.

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