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The cause of the problem by the lack of diesel power
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:diesel

If you're running genset manufacturers in indiaprocess, the diesel engine power is insufficient, should take into consideration the check the following parts:

1, the oil supply system

A.Oil system, fuel oil system: a carefully check whether there is a leak phenomenon, the joint hose if there is a right Angle phenomenon, fuel filter is dirt or jam.If the oil throughput is insufficient, diesel engine must be running out of steam.

B, fuel injection pump, check the fuel injection pump oil quantity is small, the plunger/delivery valve are serious wear and tear, etc.

C, injector: check whether the nozzle atomization, drip or jammed.

D, check the injection advance Angle, injection advance Angle is not correct, serious impact on the output power of diesel engine.

E, fuel pump and fuel pump oil return bolt: oil transfer pump damage or single valve oil return bolt out of the question, will make the fuel down, lead to lack of diesel engine power when working.

2, other factors,

A, valve clearance, valve clearance is not correct, will not make the diesel engine exhaust time, influence and power of diesel engine and lead to lack of diesel engine power output.

B, piston ring and cylinder liner: if both the wear is too big, can make the cylinder compression pressure is low, combustion of fuel oil is not sufficient, and reduce the effective output power of diesel oil machine.

c, If air filter, air filter dirt, can lead to insufficient air inflow, diesel engine will be unable to work.

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