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How to use and maintenance of the engine
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1 this is based, prolong generator price

the service life of the engine, whether new or repair must be run according to the regulation, can be put into normal operation.

2 the main fuel, diesel and gasoline engine if the diesel, petrol is not pure will make accuracy and body wear and clearance increases, the oil spill, a drop of oil, engine oil pressure is reduced, the gap is bigger, and even lead to oil channel is blocked, shaft tile burning and other serious shortcomings. If the air contains a lot of dust, it will accelerate the wear of cylinder, piston and piston ring. If the cooling water is not pure, can make the cooling system scale blockage, cooling the engine block, poor lubrication condition, body badly worn. If you don't clean the body surface, can make the surface corrosion, shorten service life.

3 diesel, petrol and air supply is less than or interrupt, start there will be difficulties, poor combustion, power down, the engine cannot run normally. If the oil supply shortage or interrupt, can make the engine lubrication, body wear serious, even the tile burning phenomenon. If cooling water shortage will make the machine temperature is too high, power down, wear and tear, reduce the service life.

4 diesel engine and gasoline engine in the process of using vibration load and the influence of uneven, nuts and bolts, is easy to loose. All parts of the adjustment bolt will be inspected in order to avoid the cause of the accident and the damage caused by accidents.

5, namely the adjustment: gasoline engines or diesel engine valve clearance, valve timing, fuel supply advance Angle, injection pressure and ignition should be timely inspection and adjustment, to ensure that the engine often in good technical condition, can save fuel, prolong service life.

6, other parts of the lubrication bearing lubrication. Began, the water temperature of 40 degrees to 50, and then put into use. No long time overload or low speed operation. The machine stops, should reduce the speed of load and load should be reduced. Usually engine repairs, the machine always keep intact. Earth observation, the ground inspection and found fault, ruled out in a timely manner.

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