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Buy diesel generator should pay attention to matters
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With the popularity of network now, all the price of diesel generating set is very transparent. So, the customer will ask diesel generating sets before the choose and buy a few, to see how the quality and price of.

In fact, as we these regular diesel generator set manufacturer, we offer to the client before, carefully ask customer use environment, the size of load required, to the functional requirement of the diesel generator set, and so on. And, when the offer to the customer, all is the use of formal standard, according to the maximum output power of diesel engine, and then multiplied by 0.8 to get the output power of the generator set. There are many customers in the inquiry after all think that our price is too high or abnormally high.

In fact, if is normal configuration, with the brand, the power of diesel generator set configuration, the price will not differ too much. Just a partial businessman, in pursuit of the maximization of interests, using the maximum power of diesel engine as power output of the generator set, or with a small factory or factory as factory unit price, at this time, will appear a big difference on the price.

China full power in the warn broad customer, before buying diesel generating sets, please make sure you need power generating set, performance requirements, and then according to his ability to choose and buy brands generating set. Must not blindly pursue cheap, lest be deceived.

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